I was not sure if I knew the person I was talking to. Anyway, I kept on discussing why humans sleep. Everything felt deliberate, the dark soft environment totally relaxed my body. We have all felt that feeling of been transported from one place to another every single night, and sometimes we don’t even notice.
“I never sleep! I´m telling you… I´m the strongest man you will ever meet.”
“But you look so tiny”. He could be anything but strong, I mused.
“I may seem like a weak and cowardly little bird, but I´m able to escape from dreams,” he persisted.
A very familiar force invaded my body. I was laughing. It wasn´t even that funny, but I did it until I woke up. I was laughing in real life also! How curious.
What happens during the transition from being awake and relax ed from being in the actual dream? It is not a sudden transition like I’ve said. Did my brain plan this stage during this time or was something improvised during the shift? Other questions filled my brain after I woke up. What would I say to him if I saw him again? Maybe I could give him a scientific explanation.
“Oh silly Monica! Go back to sleep,” I told myself. I dozed off.
“Good! You are back. What took you so long?” There was this man again, I wasn’t surprised. “I feel sorry for you, you keep on dreaming”.
“You are just a dream,” I reprimanded him, “and a very annoying one!”
“Don’t you get it? I’m a miracle,” claimed the man. “I haven’t had a dream for so long! My mind is so powerful, I don’t have to go through the nightmares that you have to have.”
A few seconds after he spoke these words, the answer dominated my mind. “You poor thing! You are always trapped in other people’s sleep. You are a part of a dream, that is why you never sleep.”
His face looked so sad. Next thing I knew I woke up crying and feeling so bad because of that poor dream.


Not a normal day in the laboratory :S

I realized that something was wrong when I saw that look on his face before asking me “What do you have in your pocket?”, My day begun manipulating flowers, taking notes about their colors and symmetries and to tell the truth I wasn’t thrilled about it. I’d never thought that day that I got really early to school that I was going to be so surprised. After two hours of workind in the laboratory, Amhed was concerned about the content of my pocket. Instantly after he asked I put my hand into my pocket and felt something peculiar. A dead baby turtle was inside my coat and while I was looking at it I tried to think of an explanation..Image

Like the army, wich came to the cave of the cyclops Polypjemus, hungry and looking for something, my army of make up and high heels comes to me, guarded by the cyclops. But unlike the story, we are protected. That gigantic creature with one eye devours the army of Ulysses, but in my case the monster only devours expectations and excitement of being out of the cave at least one night, something like parental duty. As experts, we wrap the beast in a curtain of lines that get drunk, and when he can not stand up to my army we escape terrified. It does not matter anymore that at some point we have to return to the cave, because that night full of frenzy is worthwhile.Image